WordIn en_USFound InNotesGoogle Books Stats [*]
(per million)
iYES *****6,749.6346 1.3 
amYES *****368.4587 1.3 
johnYES *****300.6096 1.0 
susanNO *****23.0758 1.0 
Susan [!]YEScase changed from original word "susan"

[!] The case of the word was changed. The original word was not found in the dictionary.
[*] The "Google Book Stats" are stats based on the counts from the 1-grams in Google's Books Ngram dataset for books between 1980 and 2008. The frequency count is without regard to case or dialect marks and does not include words with non-alphabetic characters. The newness figure is a rough approximation of how new a word is, the larger the number the newer the word. The "Should Include" score indicates if a word should or should not be considered for inclusion in the dictionary based on the frequency of the word in the corpus (1980-2008). A word with 5 stars (*****), that is not already in the dictionary, should most likely be included unless there is a good reason not to. A word with 3 stars (***) is still worth considering and a word with 1 star (*) should most likely not be considered. A report sorted by frequency is also available.

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